Judai Pae Jaani Lyrics Kesari

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Judai Pae Jaani Lyrics - Kesari: A poetic track beautiful written by the director of the film - Anurag Singh himself. The track has music produced by Raju Singh who has scored the background music of the film. It has been sung by Navraj Hans.

Judai Pae Jaani Lyrics

Judai pae jaani haaye
Judai pai jaani
Jo tennu kehni si haaye
Jo tennu kehni si
Gal dil 'ch hi reh jaani haaye
Gal dil 'ch hi reh jaani

Tennu alvida kar jaana haaye
Tennu alvida kar jaana
Jiondeya tarasde si haaye
Jiondeya tarasde si
Asi tarse hi mar jaana
Asi tarse hi mar jaana

Written by:
Anurag Singh

Lyricsmint FAQs & Trivia

What movie the "Judai Pae Jaani" song is from?

The song "Judai Pae Jaani" is from the soundtrack album "Kesari".

Who wrote the lyrics of "Judai Pae Jaani" song?

Anurag Singh written the lyrics of "Judai Pae Jaani".

Who is the singer of "Judai Pae Jaani" song?

Yuvraj Hans has sung the song "Judai Pae Jaani". Yuvraj Hans is known for singing songs like Paani, Judai Pae Jaani, and Nachan Ton Pehlan.