Sari Duniya Mere Ispe

Sari Duniya Mere Ispe is an another double meaning song by Mika Singh. Mika not only sang the song but also composed the song. we remember his Aye Ganpat which was also composed and sung by Mika was a superhit. using explicit words in India is not common and If they do it, it will be censored and they won’t get commercial success, So now they learned how to trick it. They don’t actually use the explicit words but trick them to sound like those words and If you don’t pay full attention this song will sound abusive. Mika has done the same in this song he did not use a single abusive word but the song sounds abusive. Earlier we have listened to Bhaag DK Bose from Delhi Belly which was a double meaning and got everyone’s attention as well got the commercial success.

So guys here is another Bollywood Masala Fun song by Mika Singh. Don’t take it seriously just enjoy & have fun!

Sari Duniya Mere Ispe Lyrics

Oh macho oh macho
Play banjo Play banjo
Queen B yeah c’mon b
Oh macho oh macho
Play banjo Play banjo

Hmm… saari duniya mere ispe
Mere ispe… ispe
Saari duniya mere ispe
Mere ispe… ispe !

Jeb na apni khaali hai
Apni baat nirali hai
Naa koi nakhre wali hai yahaan
Hai yahaan

Din mein humne sona hai
Raat mein sab kuch karna hai
Peene ki koi tension nahi yahaan
Nahi yahaan

Saari duniya mere ispe
Mere ispe… ispe !
Oh Oh Oh
Oh macho oh macho
Play banjo Play banjo

Hai kisme dum, aage khade
Kiska hai din bura jo humse lade
Apna hai din, apni hai raat
Aayega kon yahaan jo humse bhide

Chhotta rajan apna bhai hai
Daaud se apni kamaai
Nahi kisi se ladaai hai yahaan

Na koi lafda shafda hai
Kaam ye apna tagda hai
Humse panga lega kaun yahaan
Kaun yahaan

Neta abhineta mere ispe
Mere ispe…ispe
Yeah yeah
Sheela ho ya munni
Inki gaal pe lunga chummi
Priyanka deepika kareena
Tumhari choodi mein dunga nageena

Sun meri jacquelina
Mera London jaaan chheena
Kab aayega saawan maheena
Toh main nikalunga tera paseena

Oh macho oh macho
le banjo le banjo
High energy!
Jhukna kabhi seekha nahi
Aur rukna humko to aata nahi

Aandhi tale baazi koi
Haar ka humne to socha nahi
PM se apna pyaar hai
CM apna yaar hai
Gathbandhan sarkar hai yahaan
Hai yahaan

Rab se apna naata hai
Wo bhi humko chahta hai
Paap-punya ki gin.ti nahi yahaan
Nahi yahaan

Ye sabhi gapaandu mere ispe
Mere ispe…ispe
Saari duniya mere ispe
Mere ispe,ispe
Oh macho oh macho
Play banjo Play banjo

ha ha huh..
Taat lo patte

Written by:
Shabbir Ahmed

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Shabbir Ahmed
Mika Singh, Shamir Tandon
Govinda, Mahakshay Chakraborty, Suniel Shetty
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