Chalo Na Khwahishon Ke Peeche Lyrics Limca Ad

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“Chalo Na Khwahishon Ke Peeche” is TV commercial song of Limca’s new ad which releases in 2011. The song is being liked by youth. The song is picturised on Adah Sharma. It’s hard to find this song on the web so we decided to serve you. Hope you’ll like this. Many people are having this song as their ringtone.

Chalo Na Khwahishon Ke Peeche Lyrics

Chalo na khwahisho ke peeche peeche,
Haan do pal taazgi ke peeche chale
Lamha lamha chalo bheege bhage dil jidhar kahe
Ho’ boondo’n saa ye dil taaza
Phuhaar ka ek sa

Mila koi apnaa saa…
Chalo na khwaahiso ke peeche peeche
haaan do pal hmmm...

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What movie the "Chalo Na Khwahishon Ke Peeche" song is from?

The song "Chalo Na Khwahishon Ke Peeche" is from the soundtrack album "Limca Ad".