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If Bollywood Songs Were Rap Lyrics – Lilly Singh: The YouTube star, The Superwoman – Lilly Singh imagines if Bollywood songs were rap and create a hot-on-words rap song which took the internet by storm. This remake of her includes three songs – Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, All Izz Well and Aankh Marey.

If Bollywood Songs Were Rap Lyrics

Every rapper talking about the shape of her body
Every movie plot about her wedding, that’s her shaadi
Call me smart before you call me hottie
I’m a woman with a story
Yo, you should get to know me
’cause I hustle hard, fight back
reject any labels
I’m able to do what I please
I reject fables
Ain’t no need to save me
Keep your horse in stable
What position I like, huh?
The head of the table
My sister got double D’s
Her ambition even bigger
Shawty got hella thighs
Her resilience even thicker
I ate some carbs my booty grew quicker
I got phat stretch marks
Yaar minu koi ni fikar (I don’t even care)

This body is mine
You can’t make feel ugly
Only thing gotta change is you mind
If you judge me
Light or dark skin it’s a win
It don’t bug me
Don’t need fair and lovely
Because I love me

In a skirt, in a shirt
In a sweater, in a vest
Don’t matter if I cover or expose my chest
These beasts best learn how to catch the breath
’cause this beauty decides who will be her guest
What’s under this bra
Tatas that need consent
If ain’t your body
I don’t need yuh two cents
Yo 3 4 5 6 7 8 cents
Keep your money
Just make respect common sense

All izz well
My life gets so out of control
When I’m offline I ain’t hashtag goals
Got 20 problems I made up in my head
Anxiety sleeps next to me in my bed
Your kid is 25 not married, no kids
Your Massi ji won’t stay out your business
I dip samosa in ketchup no doubt
Thing is when I do, all the stuffing falls out
Your daughter wore a dress
What will people say?
Hopefully they’re impressed
She don’t skip leg day
You waiter brings the cheque
Hasn’t been pay day
You ate a salad
They wanna split it three ways
Listen you good all is well
And if ain’t, tell someone, ask for your help
Men, eff taboos take care of yourself
Everything means nothing without mental health
So if you cry in the shower, lemme hear you say
Hey Hey
It’s okay, rinse off
You a mothereffin’ Bawse
Everything gonna be okay
Now let me hear you say

Arey bhaiya All is well
(All is well)
Arey bhaiya All is well
(All is well)
Arey chachu all is well
(All is well)
Arey bhaiya All is well
Let me hear you say

Ee on aan aan aan aan..
Aankh marey
(Oh Lilly one more remix?)

There’s a lot of people here
But all I see is you
I dated a ting or two
But boy you something new
Wanna get a ring from you
And turn you into a boo
You the type of sexy dude
To make me say “I do”
Jawline sharp
Looking smart
Smile is work of art
Doing laps, I’m off track
Rainbow road
Mario kart
I’m trying to make you notice me
I’m wondering what you think of me
You really got me focusing
But then a queen winks at me
She rock my world
This stunning girl
You see her hair
That effing hair
I start to stare
And girl I swear
You got me sprung and I don’t care
Can we fall hard over time?
Or will you call me Galentine?
Girl you bad bad bad
Looking like that that that
Found you on insta
And I double tap that
Tap tap tap tap tap tap that
Now I feel like I gotta have have that
Hey baby boo
I will battle for you
Take you on a vacay
When you say any day
Round the world girl I will travel for you
(O ladka!)
Hey boy, can I have your number
We can satisfy each other
Hey girl, can I have your cell
I think we would work very well
(Aankh marey Aankh marey o ladki aankh marey)
(Aankh marey Aankh marey o ladki)
Baggy jeans, killer kicks
Lacey bra, I am that chick
I do both, no need to pick
Gimme ladies gimme…
I swear that that girl just winked
I swear that that boy just winked

I swear that that girl just winked
I swear that that boy just winked

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Who is the singer of "If Bollywood Songs Were Rap" song?

Lilly Singh has sung the song "If Bollywood Songs Were Rap".