Maine Mere Jaana (EMPTINESS) Lyrics – Female Version

Maine Mere Jaana Song - Female Version

This song is a tribute to feelings of the song “Tune Mere Jaana“. Tune mere jaana is very popular in youth and feelings of the song touched everyone. This song would be favorite song of many people. This non-filmi song is so hit and this is not a temporary hit. It’s all time hit.
People also like love songs from movies but after some time, even after a month of movie release where these songs goes?
Maybe the true feelings and story behind the song made people attached to song. They can relate with feelings of song.
People love it so much and are touched by song’s feelings and showed love by giving a tribute to feelings of the song.
Female version is Maine mere jaana which gives a tribute to this song. Lyrics of Maine mere jaana do full justice to Tune Mere Jaana’s feelings.

Song Name: Maine Mere Jaana Emptiness 2
Singer: Kaushi Diwakar

Maine Mere Jaana Song Lyrics

Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Mujhko Meri Sazaa Toh Suna Jaa
Woh Aahein Haan Woh Aansu…
Mere Hisse Ke Mujhko Rula Jaa

Sapne Tere Saare Jinme Main Rehti Thi
Tukde Ban Ke Mere
Zakhm Seene Me Kar Gaye Ho

Maine Mere Jaana Kyun Nahi Jaana
Ishq Tera, Dard Tera
Maine Mere Jaana Kyun Nahi Jaana

Ishq Tera, Dard Tera
Akeli Akeli
Reh Gayi Bin Tere Yun Akeli
Main Tadpoo’n Ya Taarsoo’n
Ya Chali Aau’n Main Paas Tere
Itni Tanhai Hai Zindagi Kho Gayi

Baatein Karne Saari Aa Rahi Hoon Tujhse Hi
Maine Mere Jaana Ab Hai Jaana…..
Ishq Tera Dard Tera Haaye
Maine Mere Jaaana Ab Hai Jaana
Ishq Tera Dard Tera

Tu Jo Gaya……
Haal Ye Mera Rehta Hai
Dil Ye Mera Aaa..Aaa….
Khud Se Hi Tanha Rehta Hai

And I Feel Too Lonely Yeah…
Thats A Better Place Than This

And I’m Too Lonely
Thats A Better Place Than This

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